Uagh! Raintime. They’re so good, ahhhh. This is Rolling Chances and you really should like it because it’s great and the lead singer there looks like Carl Urban, if he was playing the part of a lead singer to a metal band. Which, by the way, I bet he would play really well. Anyways, they also have a fanfuckingtastic cover of Beat It which is just epic, too. While we’re here, let’s also link Flies and Lies and if you want to learn more about them, that last link there has some info in that lovely description there! (Matrioska is good, too.)

Here’s a band to remember, A Day To Remember! Get it? And their awesomesauce song, I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? Very entertaining to have on your playlist when you know a guy named Larry. Also a very entertaining music video. You can really tell how serious these guys take themselves. 

This is Trivium! This is their song from way long ago, Dying In Your Arms. The geeks wrote this song when they were like seventeen years old, those bastards. This was the first Trivium song I heard that I went all like omg this song is really good who are these guys these guys are TRIVIUM? Whoa, yeah, like that’s a cool name and they’re cool so I’m going to listen to them a lot now!

Eight years later and they are still the greatest band.

(Source: Spotify)


Or that’s what Wiki tells me it stands for…  Whatever, MNEMIC is a great Dannish band that’s made this song here called 2.12. They’ve also made Dreamstate Emergency and The Silver Drop sorry for the lack of music videos. And those aren’t in any specific order of awesometude or anything, since it’s incredibly hard to chose a favorite. It sort of depends on which one you’re listening to at the moment. They have a lot of other really, really, really good songs, too! So if you like those three, don’t stop there! 

Also that singer in 2.12? Yeah, he looks like a Super Saiyan. And that is cool. I’ll also breifly mention that I love the drums to all of these songs so very much they’re so good ahhhhh


This is a very addicting song called Metsavaht by Pantokraator and those aren’t things I can easily pronounce. This song played on Octane for awhile, I think.

The Quiet Place by In Flames has been one of my favoritest of favorite songs since I was a wee lad. Or ten. But I like saying wee lad more.


Detta är In Flames! Och de är awesome!

So, if you’ve never heard of them before, I’m sorry I can’t mindmeld you and show you all of their wonderfultastic music at once because one or both of us might explode. But I can link you to this song here, Deliver Us, where the members can be seen in a music video of the most metal of fashions. On a ferris wheel! :D

And My Sweet Shadow is a song, too. And you should listen to it. And yes, I think this band is a fan of exploding backgrounds.


No better way to start off a metal blog with the greatest band ever, Trivium.

They have so many amazingtastic songs, it’s really hard to decide which specific one to share with y’all first. But here’s Built To Fall. It’s an excellent example of why the bassist is possibly the most important member of the band (because that’s the guy that saves the rest of the band from underground-mutant-albinos) and it’s from their most recent album In Waves (which is a fantabulous single, if you want to check that one out, too)